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Seventeen-year-old Fiona doesn’t remember anything important about the night her best friend Trixie disappeared. They were at an end-of-summer party and left at the same time. Nothing out of the ordinary happened at that party.

At least, that’s what she tells everybody.

But when the police find what Trixie left at the beach and her disappearance is ruled a suicide, Fiona is the only one who believes Trixie isn’t really dead—and she’s determined to find out why Trixie wants everyone to think she is.

So she turns to Jasper, Trixie’s former friend-with-benefits and the only other person who knew her at all, to search for the truth. But the closer Fiona gets to finding out what happened—and the closer she gets to Jasper— the more she realizes that she might not have known her best friend at all. And Fiona is about to learn that what she did at that party has consequences heavier than she ever imagined.

Told in alternating flashbacks between the past and the present day, Last Girl Lied To is the story of a friendship wherein what was never said speaks louder than words. Fiona has to decide how much secrets really weigh— and if discovering Trixie’s is worth giving up her own.

Laurie Elizabeth Flynn’s Last Girl Lied To is a gripping, bold contemporary YA thriller that questions friendship, self-identity, and self-worth.

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