February, briefly

Getting the baby’s room ready!

Well, here we are! It’s the end of February, which has a bad reputation for feeling like the longest month. Usually, I feel like this bad rep is fully deserved, but this month, we had some unseasonably beautiful days (record-setting temperatures!), which let me get out for some sun-soaked weekend walks without even wearing a coat. It appears that the cold weather is coming back, but at least we got a sneak peek of spring! Combined with Valentine’s Day and a long weekend for Family Day, February really wasn’t bad at all. Also, next week I’m entering my third trimester, which is crazy, since my whole pregnancy has flown by so far!

This month, I have been…

Working on: I guess I wouldn’t say working as much as “dabbling.” Instead of committing my focus to one project, I’m getting a feel for a few different ones, which is not the way I usually work. While it has been a challenge (I wrote about burnout here), I’m slowly getting back in my usual motivated headspace. I bought Save the Cat after hearing great things about its advice on plot and structure, and I’m hoping to use its advice to plot my next projects a bit. I have been such a pantser so far in my career, but sometimes I feel like I write myself into a corner and get frustrated because I have no clue what happens next, so it’s time to try something new and hopefully establish a formula that agrees with me.

Reading: It was a great reading month! I was able to read two upcoming debuts in advance of their release dates. First, A Girl Like That by Tanaz Bhathena, which is spellbinding in its masterful prose. I love books with complicated female protagonists, and Tanaz sure knows how to write them. Plus, she’s a fellow Ontario author, and one of the sweetest people ever! Look out for this debut in 2018– you will NOT want to miss it.

Next, I read You Don’t Know Me But I Know You by Rebecca Barrow. This debut is coming out in 2017 and bravely tackles so many important topics without ever feeling preach-y. It centers on one very difficult decision a teen girl has to make, and weaves in questions of family so beautifully. Plus, it has some incredibly realistic female friendships, which I adore.

I also finished the last two books in Dahlia Adhler’s Radleigh University series– Right of First Refusal and Out On Good Behavior. I love everything Dahlia writes, and these two books were no exception! If you’re looking for a fun, romantic NA series that does female friendships extremely well (see? I’m a sucker for them!), check out this series.

Watching: Besides The Bachelor (my biggest guilty pleasure!), we watched a few movies this month. The standout was Hidden Figures, which several of my friends have raved about, for good reason. The acting is superb, and the movie is based on true events about a team of black women mathematicians who played an integral role in NASA during the US space program’s early years. It was Oscar nominated, and now my goal is to catch up on some of the other Oscar nominees I never made it to the theatre to see.

Looking forward to warmer weather and more words in March! I can only control one of those things, and I’m ready to make a dent in some of my projects!

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